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A Higher Energy, LLC was developed by Stacy-Lynn because of the need she saw in so many people lives.  Not to say people’s lives were bad, just that so many people struggled through their lives without truly knowing why.   Stacy-Lynn began Spiritual Counseling people about 7 years ago really by chance.  During that time she became certified in Reiki healing.  Throughout the process of becoming attuned in Reiki it opened her up in a way she ......... (click to continue reading)

Intuitive Life Path Coaching

Through Stacy-Lynn's Intuitive knowledge, abilities and the use of the services offered, Stacy-Lynn is able to help her clients using techniques you will not find in traditional counseling. The intuitive healing sessions are a minimum of one hour where she will incorporate all of services needed to meet your personal needs of healing; Tarot readings, Angel readings, Reiki, etc. Stacy-Lynn will design a healing plan that is designed specifically for you.  The main Structure of Stacy-Lynn's Intuitive Life Path Coaching is through her process called "Understanding You". 

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Phone, online and in person sessions available.  Pricing will be discussed at consultation.  Stacy works with everyone regardless of income level.



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