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We bring to you the knowledge of Mind, Body and Soul to live a life that is balanced, fulfilled and extraordinary. 



“A Higher Energy” was established in 2005 by Stacy-Lynn and Scott Vollkommer when they began their own journey of self discovery and self healing.  Throughout this journey they discovered that everyone’s healing path is divided into primarily two sections.   The first being to understand themselves and what areas in their lives needed the most attention.  Understanding that their life, up till this point, has been a combination of experiences whether good or bad that has ultimately created them into the people they are.  These experiences created rules that they placed on themselves; these rules dictated how they made life decisions and how they viewed themselves and other people.  The rules they noticed were very powerful.  The rules truly created their reality.  Being the fact that these rules created their reality it was these rules that ultimately is what needed the most attention as they began to self heal.  They developed a program called “Understanding You” that walks you through how to discover your own rules and how to define which rules are rules that have a negative effect on your life and need to be changed.  The “Understanding You” process educates you on how exactly to change these rules and start to become a leader of your own life and create the reality you desire.  The second section of self healing was to understand all the tools you had in order to accomplish your self healing.  This is when they developed “Understanding Them”; "Them" being the Divine Guidance that every person has within themselves.  They discovered that everyone has a personal life path guide; also known as your Spirit Guide.  Throughout the “Understanding Them” process you begin to understand that we all posses natural intuition that when developed makes it much easier to follow your own Divine Guidance.  They also discovered that our spiritual body is made up of energy that affects your physical body, mind and soul.  When you begin to fully understand your own energy how it affects you, your life and those people around you, you begin to understand how you can control that energy and remove all that is unneeded and welcome in all that is positive into your life. 

In 2012 A Higher Energy Healing center was opened in Somersworth NH.  It is a true Spiritual healing and learning center where you can get one on guidance through both “Understanding You” and “Understanding Them”.  You can attend classes weekly that reviews all the tools and information in order to begin to change your life for the better.  Take the time to review this site as well as the Higher Energy Healing center.  We focus on people of all ages; children and adults are welcomed.  Ensure you review the calendar of events, classes and services to keep informed on everything that the center offers.  We look forward to guiding you through your personal self healing process. 


Always believing in you,

A Higher Energy

14 Canal Street, Suite 100A

Somersworth, NH 03878



Our Mission

“Our mission is to guide you through making sense of your past so you may prosper into your future, while educating you on the tools to help heal your soul.”