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Welcome to "A Higher Energy"


"We are here to guide you."

A non-judgmental and non-denominational place of celebration.  A Community that elevates the Spirit, Mind and Body in a positive and enlightened way.




Services available are based upon ability to pay and we have programs available that will assist you in reaching your life goals.  Contact us today at (603)319-7758 or email info@ahigherenergy.com.


Our Weekly Spiritual Gathering

Welcome to the


Sundays at 4:00 pm followed by a potluck gathering.

A non- denominational ~ non-judgmental place of Worship and reflection. A community who elevates the Spirit, Mind and Body in a positive and enlightened way. Our Spiritual Minister is Stacy-Lynn.

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The Events, Classes, Fairs, ETC help support the center financially so we may continue offering income based assistance to ALL families and helping ALL children for no charge!  Please support us by coming to an event or making a donation directly.  All donations received go directly to our income programs so we may continue with our number one policy of turning NOONE away. 

Thank you

Who we are

We are a holistic healing and learning center that focuses on ensuring everyone has the option to receive Spiritual healing at an affordable rate. We also focus on ensuring we not only use our own skills and tools to help you through your life path but we also teach you on how to use your own skills and tools to heal yourself. We believe that every person has the ability to heighten their own intuition to be able to follow their own Divine Guidance that will help them become more aware of their own personal life mission.

We currently have two centers.  An Online Healing and Learning Center where we offer many online classes and events and a Physical Healing and Learning Center located in Somersworth, NH.  We are a community of people that truly want to live a life vibrating at "A Higher Energy" to live a more content, healthy and peaceful life.  Our website is filled with informationWe work with many practitioners and teachers that educate you on a holistic approach to your life.  Our classes cover topics from nutrition, gardening, yoga to psychic development.  We offer more than could ever be listed here.  You have to join our community to explore and learn all we have to offer. 

Community Healing and Learning

Stacy-Lynn's Community Healing and Learning Events:

14 Myrtle Street Somersworth, NH 03878

Every Sunday 4 pm: Spirit of Life Celebration followed by Potluck Gathering (Donation Only)

Every Wednesday 7:30 pm doors close: Ascended Healing Group Session Donation only (suggested $5 - $10)

Monthly Second Saturday 11 am: Intuitive Life Coaching Group Session Donation only (suggested $5 - $10)

Where we are located

Somersworth, NH 03878

1 (603) 319-7758

Center is open by appointment only

Please see event descriptions for details on location

Jennifer Hill

Intuitive Life Readings

Schedule Your Phone Reading NOW! 

30 minutes for $50

60 minutes for $80

To purchase your reading by clicking the time you would like above.  Please include your current email address so we may schedule a time that is convenient for you. 

Joining the Community

A Higher Energy is easy to be a part of.  First you have to register for your online Account.  There is not a fee for a basic account and we NEVER share or sell your information.

If you are interested in learning about ways in order to make your life healthier and happier, this is the place to do it.